Social Proof Prestashop Module

Prestashop module

Social Proof

The Social Proof module will increase sales in your store by displaying notifications based on the concept of Social Proof of Equity. Social Proof of Equity is the principle according to which a person, not knowing what decision to make or what is right (which may depend on various factors), makes decisions or adopts the same view as the majority of the group. Check details on module page

Benefits for Merchants:
  • Helps undecided customers to buy product in your shop
  • Makes feeling that product may be bought by other customer
  • Increases your customers feeling that they are doing right decision while buying in your shop
  • Increases sales
  • Shows that other persons were interested of this product
  • Shows that other people are currently visiting your page
  • It's very easy to customize
  • Works on computers, tablets, and phones - it's responsive

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